Treatment of caries in Cleveland

Family Dent in Cleveland
Family Dent in Cleveland

The problem of tooth decay experienced by most people, but unfortunately, not all the time to seek professional help, someone is putting off a visit tomorrow, and someone just terribly afraid of pain. We hasten to please you today visits to the dentist Cleveland become painless, problems such as the treatment of caries, are solved quickly enough, and the patient will not feel any discomfort.

Why there is decay in the teeth?

Caries – the most common disease of the oral cavity, it destroys dental hard tissue, causing pain in the further treatment is necessary and filling of tooth caries.

  • The causes of tooth decay:
  • Poor oral hygiene;
  • Weak immunity;

In fact, there are many factors that provoke caries occurrence, is the individual characteristics of the tooth enamel, the properties of saliva and more. It plays an important role nutrition, caries treatment is directly related to what we eat, the healthier the food, the fewer visits to the dentist in Cleveland.


The disease develops in stages, the first stage produces small dark spots on the teeth, they do not cause discomfort and they are not hard to find. In a second step surface formed cavities, it strikes the tooth enamel, but again the same, discomfort is not felt, it is important to start the treatment as early as possible caries without tightening process, and without waiting for the time when the tooth begins match. In the third step, the inflammatory process develops pulpitis. Treatment of dental caries should be carried out in a timely manner, because the pulpit is accompanied by severe pain, often the formation of flux.

If we neglect the treatment of dental caries Cleveland, you can easily lose a tooth, as a result of the progression of the disease, broken bone, nerve fibers are affected and tooth root. Modern methods of treatment of caries will help to avoid any unwanted consequences, unless of course the time to see a dentist.

The main stages of dental caries in dental Family Dent Cleveland

In the early stages of treatment of caries conservative methods used in dentistry Smile Dent, such as a method of Icon, it is that there is no need to drill the tooth and seal, caries focus simply “preserved”. If it so happened that the treatment of dental caries can not be avoided, hospital specialists use modern tools in order to remove only the diseased tissue, and not to hurt the healthy parts of the tooth. Treatment of dental caries in Cleveland carried out in stages, clinical experts removed the affected area, is then used antiseptic agents is carried out at the end of a tooth sealing. All this is completely painless and fast enough, use an injection of anesthesia is performed strictly individually, taking into account all the characteristics of the patient.