Proper brushing

Brushing teeth is a science in itself. Would be nice. In fact, however, no scientific work has so far comprehensively investigated how best to brush our teeth. And yet, if you look at what’s going on on our teeth, there are good tips to follow.

The jungle in the mouth

Brushing teeth is still the most effective method against biofilm.

Our mouth is the gateway for bacteria of all kinds. Researchers believe that far more than 1,000 different bacterial species live in our mouths. Many of these organisms organize themselves in a so-called biofilm, a slimy layer, which can be found on the teeth, but above all on the transition to the gum.

Here are caries and co. They feed on foodstuffs. Especially sugary food is metabolized by them. They separate acid. And it attacks our molten tooth. The biofilm is like a stealth cap for the bacteria. In it, they are well protected. If the biofilm is too thick, you can even see it. Dentists then also speak of tartar.

Cleaning – do not scrub (Proper brushing)

Toothbrush comes where the toothbrush fails cleveland family dentistry.

So that the biofilm does not become too thick, you should remove it regularly. The many colorful mouthwashes can not penetrate the biofilm, even if they are effective against bacteria. It can only be removed mechanically, that is: brushing. Even if there is no scientifically proven knowledge about the right way to clean, a few tips can help:

Two to three times a day teeth brushing.

– Do not press too hard and do not just scrub back and forth. Because too much pressure causes deep grooves in the tooth over the years.

– Instead of circling movements, many dentists recommend the bass method: place the toothbrush at the gum at an angle, move a few times back and forth and then brush away from the gum.

– After the meal wait half an hour. Then the mouthful of the food has recovered. (PH value again normal).
Use dental floss and bristle brushes once a day. There is no toothbrush between the teeth dentist cleveland.

Once not teeth brushing is not bad. But you should leave the daily dental care as rarely as possible. Then caries and periodontosis have no chance.