Dental implants (Implants) in Cleveland

Dental implants (Implants) Cleveland
Dental implants (Implants) Cleveland – Family Dent

The most advanced technology of restoration of lost teeth is implantation . The essence of the implant is that the jaw bone tissue is implanted prosthesis-implant, which replaces the missing tooth. The implant is a titanium screw with the outer crown: Titanium is a material fully compatible with body tissues and the crown is not different from the natural tooth, while possessing high strength and resistance to corrosion. Implantology – the most promising to date trend of dentistry Cleveland since implantation has a number of advantages compared with traditional methods of restoring dentition.

Advantages of implantation in Cleveland

A few years ago the most common ways of restoring dentition considered dentures and dental bridges. However dentures cause unpleasant sensation of foreign body and deliver a lot of inconvenience, and installation of the dental bridge Cleveland is accompanied by grinding the adjacent teeth, which facilitates their rapid failure.

Implantation enables to replace lost teeth without grinding and further processing of the adjacent teeth. The implant can be installed anywhere in the dental row and fill in the missing teeth of different lengths. Implants can restore function even completely toothless jaws, so you can always refuse denture. This method saves not only bone but also relieves excessive load from neighboring teeth during eating. Implantation is absolutely painless and netravmoopasnoy procedure and the implants are able to serve many times longer than dental Cleveland bridges or teeth under the crown.

Implantation restores chewing function, whereas other methods, one way or another, put certain restrictions on the intensity of use of dentures and bridges. The implant does not differ from natural teeth and does not cause any discomfort – either functional or aesthetic. The cost of the dental implant in Cleveland and the overall price of implantation higher than traditional methods of restoring dentition. However, if you compare the cost of regular visits to the dentist to resolve arising problems with the dental bridge or denture, the cost of the implant is justified in all respects. If you are interested in implantation rates, you can check in our clinic, as well as learn more about the qualifications and capabilities of our doctors specializing in implantology.