Cleveland Teeth Whitening

If you decide to whiten your teeth, it is best to see a specialist

Cleveland - Family Dent - Teeth Whitening
Cleveland – Family Dent – Teeth Whitening

Teeth, unlike other organs of humans, can not recover on their own. Teeth throughout life is exposed to various adverse chemical environments (eg acids, which are found in fruit) and a variety of food additives and dyes (which includes virtually all modern foods), they lose their original appearance and whiteness begins discoloration – a process of gradual change in tooth color.

Quite difficult to return the former appearance of the teeth on their own, since different dyes can penetrate deep enough into the dental hard tissue. Many people try to whiten their teeth themselves, but it is better to do this by using special equipment tooth whitening under the guidance of an experienced specialist.

Teeth photobleaching –¬†Cleveland Teeth Whitening

Using modern methods of tooth whitening bleach manages our skilled strongly darkened even enamel. No longer do you have to indulge in a favorite food or drink for teeth white because all the problems associated with it are solved Family Dent medical center Cleveland.

Another relatively new service offered at our center is photobleaching in Minsk teeth. This method helps to achieve excellent results and helps even people with sensitive teeth. In duration photobleaching procedure does not exceed one hour, and white effect is able to persist for several years.

Contraindications for bleaching teeth


  • allergic reactions to medication and materials used
  • severe general diseases
  • Pregnancy and lactation
  • minority (parental consent)¬†
  • dental caries
  • erosion, abnormal abrasion, deep fissures of enamel, leaking seals
  • the presence of dentures, crowns, restorations in the anterior region of the photopolymer
  • patient a course of orthodontic treatment
  • periodontal disease, gum recession