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All our professionals at Family Dent have been trained in the best universities of the country. As well as constantly improving their skills at workshops and courses.

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Apart from the need to take care of teeth and tooth gaps family dental. Cleaned their best in the evening, before brushing the teeth. Special brushes for family dental interstices should be used when these gaps are large enough. But if the teeth are tightly pressed against each other, then clean the gaps can only be with a special silk thread. You should start with waxed thread dr. Almagani, because it is easier to introduce a tooth interval family dental. However, the intervals can be stuck dental wax pieces of thread and its cleaning effect is lower than that of unwaxed thread.

To remove food debris stuck in the teeth, you can use wooden toothpicks. But for these medical purposes are more adapted toothpicks, since their shape is matched to the shape of tooth gaps.

When brushing you do not have time, use chewing gum, but it should be a special (tooth cleaning). The structure of this part of xylitol chewing gum, which can protect the teeth from caries. Its chewing helps family dental reduce the development of bacteria, but do not remove plaque from the tooth surface. However, this process dr. Magani dentist does not go to any comparison with the cleaning of the teeth with a toothbrush.

You can use mouthwash to freshen breath for oral hygiene. But it is difficult to prove that its use can reduce the formation of plaque, tartar, and periodontal disease.