Dental Services & Carrer Opportunities

Family Dent offers a full array of dental services to help you maintain healthy teeth. You can read more on this page about dental services.

With the advent of new technologies in medicine to ensure painless procedure and aesthetic result, the interest of patients to different therapeutic and prophylactic manipulation has increased significantly.
The dental clinics today provide a range of various services. Let’s speak about family health the most popular and sought after.

Modern methods of treatment of caries

The latest developments can significantly reduce drilling area during treatment, and at times eliminate the use of boron-machine family dental.
Seals are much stronger and more durable thanks to modern materials such as compomers, composites, and ormokery sekloionomernye cements.
In the treatment of family dental caries without drilling the following methods are the most popular.


Restoration of enamel with mineral components. It is used at the stage of appearance of white spots. The treatment is used as a special diet, vitamins and special dental treatment compositions.

Technology ICON

At the family dental initial stage of decay is one of the most promising techniques. The bottom line is then damaged clogged particular infiltrate enamel that undergoes polymerization using ultraviolet light. For small lesions to restore the enamel family health can be in a single family dental.


It refers to non-invasive methods. To remove the infected tissue used family health only hand tools. The use of glass ionomer allows you to suspend the course of the disease, but in general, the method is not very effective and is recommended only for patients with panic fear of forest machines.

Prosthetics one or more teeth

When teeth are no longer family dental possible to restore the therapeutic methods, resorting to prosthetics. In the manufacture of dental prostheses using the latest materials and family dental techniques to wear them for a long time and not feel discomfort while.
Gentle family health modern method is layering prosthetics tooth buildup. It became possible thanks to the emergence of pins made of metal and glass.
The most popular in the family dental manufacture of dentures metal ceramic and porcelain. They are perfectly compatible with the tissues and have an excellent appearance. Computer technology can individually create accurate and high-quality design.

Orthodontic services family dental

Today there is a wide range of bracket systems that allow children and adults to correct the bite, without discomfort and without disturbing the aesthetic family dental appearance. Braces can merge the color of the teeth or be completely transparent. Choose suitable structure by using specialist.

Whitening and teeth cleaning

Modern technologies, such as mechanical cleaning jet a special composition and ultrasound family dental, can fully get rid of the plaque and to achieve natural whiteness of teeth. But photobleaching, a laser and a special gel can make family dental your teeth lighter by 13 shades! The procedure takes less than an hour and does not require frequent repetitions.
One of the major advantages of the emergence of many methods of treatment and prevention is the possibility of the most family dental appropriate option, based on the characteristics of the disease and the patient’s ability to pay.