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What is love “is” teeth adult copy children and any changes should begin with themselves. A healthy diet is a balanced protein, fat and carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals, food refusal from frequent snacking, excessive consumption of sweets and baking. Choose a diet to help dentist teeth, which need to visit 2 times a year. Plus dental inspection in the early detection of pathological processes.
Pregnant women should pay more attention to nutrition: the bones of the fetus are formed in 6-8 weeks, and that the expectant mother eats has a direct impact on the baby’s teeth.
Selection brush. The best way to oral care has always dental been and remains a cleaning paste, 2 times a day and rinse after each meal. In addition to manual and automatic brushes vary in hardness:

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Soft used in case of problems with your teeth and gums (hypersensitivity and bleeding); medium used by most people with healthy enamel and mucosa; hard brushes dentists recommend the use of a tendency to an increased formation of tartar and healthy gums.
Brushes vary in type (natural and synthetic), the number of rows and the form of bristles, the size of the working surface. By appointment are standard orthodontic and special. Dental Clinic Physicians best option for health is considered moderate or mixed brush with synthetic bristles hardness, which should be changed every 3 months.