Proper brushing

Brushing teeth is a science in itself. Would be nice. In fact, however, no scientific work has so far comprehensively investigated how best to brush our teeth. And yet, if you look at what’s going on on our teeth, there are good tips to follow.

The jungle in the mouth

Brushing teeth is still the most effective method against biofilm.

Our mouth is the gateway for bacteria of all kinds. Researchers believe that far more than 1,000 different bacterial species live in our mouths. Many of these organisms organize themselves in a so-called biofilm, a slimy layer, which can be found on the teeth, but above all on the transition to the gum.

Here are caries and co. They feed on foodstuffs. Especially sugary food is metabolized by them. They separate acid. And it attacks our molten tooth. The biofilm is like a stealth cap for the bacteria. In it, they are well protected. If the biofilm is too thick, you can even see it. Dentists then also speak of tartar.

Cleaning – do not scrub (Proper brushing)

Toothbrush comes where the toothbrush fails cleveland family dentistry.

So that the biofilm does not become too thick, you should remove it regularly. The many colorful mouthwashes can not penetrate the biofilm, even if they are effective against bacteria. It can only be removed mechanically, that is: brushing. Even if there is no scientifically proven knowledge about the right way to clean, a few tips can help:

Two to three times a day teeth brushing.

– Do not press too hard and do not just scrub back and forth. Because too much pressure causes deep grooves in the tooth over the years.

– Instead of circling movements, many dentists recommend the bass method: place the toothbrush at the gum at an angle, move a few times back and forth and then brush away from the gum.

– After the meal wait half an hour. Then the mouthful of the food has recovered. (PH value again normal).
Use dental floss and bristle brushes once a day. There is no toothbrush between the teeth dentist cleveland.

Once not teeth brushing is not bad. But you should leave the daily dental care as rarely as possible. Then caries and periodontosis have no chance.

Treatment of caries in Cleveland

Family Dent in Cleveland
Family Dent in Cleveland

The problem of tooth decay experienced by most people, but unfortunately, not all the time to seek professional help, someone is putting off a visit tomorrow, and someone just terribly afraid of pain. We hasten to please you today visits to the dentist Cleveland become painless, problems such as the treatment of caries, are solved quickly enough, and the patient will not feel any discomfort.

Why there is decay in the teeth?

Caries – the most common disease of the oral cavity, it destroys dental hard tissue, causing pain in the further treatment is necessary and filling of tooth caries.

  • The causes of tooth decay:
  • Poor oral hygiene;
  • Weak immunity;

In fact, there are many factors that provoke caries occurrence, is the individual characteristics of the tooth enamel, the properties of saliva and more. It plays an important role nutrition, caries treatment is directly related to what we eat, the healthier the food, the fewer visits to the dentist in Cleveland.


The disease develops in stages, the first stage produces small dark spots on the teeth, they do not cause discomfort and they are not hard to find. In a second step surface formed cavities, it strikes the tooth enamel, but again the same, discomfort is not felt, it is important to start the treatment as early as possible caries without tightening process, and without waiting for the time when the tooth begins match. In the third step, the inflammatory process develops pulpitis. Treatment of dental caries should be carried out in a timely manner, because the pulpit is accompanied by severe pain, often the formation of flux.

If we neglect the treatment of dental caries Cleveland, you can easily lose a tooth, as a result of the progression of the disease, broken bone, nerve fibers are affected and tooth root. Modern methods of treatment of caries will help to avoid any unwanted consequences, unless of course the time to see a dentist.

The main stages of dental caries in dental Family Dent Cleveland

In the early stages of treatment of caries conservative methods used in dentistry Smile Dent, such as a method of Icon, it is that there is no need to drill the tooth and seal, caries focus simply “preserved”. If it so happened that the treatment of dental caries can not be avoided, hospital specialists use modern tools in order to remove only the diseased tissue, and not to hurt the healthy parts of the tooth. Treatment of dental caries in Cleveland carried out in stages, clinical experts removed the affected area, is then used antiseptic agents is carried out at the end of a tooth sealing. All this is completely painless and fast enough, use an injection of anesthesia is performed strictly individually, taking into account all the characteristics of the patient.

Dental implants (Implants) in Cleveland

Dental implants (Implants) Cleveland
Dental implants (Implants) Cleveland – Family Dent

The most advanced technology of restoration of lost teeth is implantation . The essence of the implant is that the jaw bone tissue is implanted prosthesis-implant, which replaces the missing tooth. The implant is a titanium screw with the outer crown: Titanium is a material fully compatible with body tissues and the crown is not different from the natural tooth, while possessing high strength and resistance to corrosion. Implantology – the most promising to date trend of dentistry Cleveland since implantation has a number of advantages compared with traditional methods of restoring dentition.

Advantages of implantation in Cleveland

A few years ago the most common ways of restoring dentition considered dentures and dental bridges. However dentures cause unpleasant sensation of foreign body and deliver a lot of inconvenience, and installation of the dental bridge Cleveland is accompanied by grinding the adjacent teeth, which facilitates their rapid failure.

Implantation enables to replace lost teeth without grinding and further processing of the adjacent teeth. The implant can be installed anywhere in the dental row and fill in the missing teeth of different lengths. Implants can restore function even completely toothless jaws, so you can always refuse denture. This method saves not only bone but also relieves excessive load from neighboring teeth during eating. Implantation is absolutely painless and netravmoopasnoy procedure and the implants are able to serve many times longer than dental Cleveland bridges or teeth under the crown.

Implantation restores chewing function, whereas other methods, one way or another, put certain restrictions on the intensity of use of dentures and bridges. The implant does not differ from natural teeth and does not cause any discomfort – either functional or aesthetic. The cost of the dental implant in Cleveland and the overall price of implantation higher than traditional methods of restoring dentition. However, if you compare the cost of regular visits to the dentist to resolve arising problems with the dental bridge or denture, the cost of the implant is justified in all respects. If you are interested in implantation rates, you can check in our clinic, as well as learn more about the qualifications and capabilities of our doctors specializing in implantology.

Cleveland Teeth Whitening

If you decide to whiten your teeth, it is best to see a specialist

Cleveland - Family Dent - Teeth Whitening
Cleveland – Family Dent – Teeth Whitening

Teeth, unlike other organs of humans, can not recover on their own. Teeth throughout life is exposed to various adverse chemical environments (eg acids, which are found in fruit) and a variety of food additives and dyes (which includes virtually all modern foods), they lose their original appearance and whiteness begins discoloration – a process of gradual change in tooth color.

Quite difficult to return the former appearance of the teeth on their own, since different dyes can penetrate deep enough into the dental hard tissue. Many people try to whiten their teeth themselves, but it is better to do this by using special equipment tooth whitening under the guidance of an experienced specialist.

Teeth photobleaching – Cleveland Teeth Whitening

Using modern methods of tooth whitening bleach manages our skilled strongly darkened even enamel. No longer do you have to indulge in a favorite food or drink for teeth white because all the problems associated with it are solved Family Dent medical center Cleveland.

Another relatively new service offered at our center is photobleaching in Minsk teeth. This method helps to achieve excellent results and helps even people with sensitive teeth. In duration photobleaching procedure does not exceed one hour, and white effect is able to persist for several years.

Contraindications for bleaching teeth


  • allergic reactions to medication and materials used
  • severe general diseases
  • Pregnancy and lactation
  • minority (parental consent) 
  • dental caries
  • erosion, abnormal abrasion, deep fissures of enamel, leaking seals
  • the presence of dentures, crowns, restorations in the anterior region of the photopolymer
  • patient a course of orthodontic treatment
  • periodontal disease, gum recession

How to choose a dentist in Cleveland

Dentist Cleveland
Dentist Cleveland

With acute dental pain, the doctor is no longer necessary to choose. Therefore, wise people go to the dentist more than once a year – at least in order to have time to choose the best.

If the tooth hurts, it is unlikely that you will carefully look at the clinic – and it’s very worthwhile to do it. But with a planned visit, nothing prevents to include observation and analyze whether the institution and the doctor comply with 10 rules of a good dentist.

RULE 1. Behind a beautiful facade hides a miserable situation and the walls, obviously requiring repair? It is unlikely that the owner of this clinic properly treats his business, personnel and clients. Do not take chances and look for a more decent institution.

RULE 2. In a good dental clinic in Cleveland do not worry: preliminary examination of the oral cavity is usually free.

RULE 3. The temperature in the cabinet should be + 21 ° + 24 ° C. At a lower photocomposite, plasticity is lost and the ability to fragmentarily attach to hard dental tissues. With a high flowability of the material, which makes it difficult to plastic processing. All this will respond with future cracks in the seals.

RULE 4. Modern photocomposite materials are very sensitive to light. Pay attention to the general lighting of the cabinet: it should be scattered, shameless and not heating the working field of the Dentist Cleveland.

RULE 5. Do not trust the clinic, where, supposedly understanding your employment, you are promised not to delay and fill up for 15-20 minutes. In fact, more time is required for modern and internationally appropriate treatment of time.

RULE 5. It is desirable that the doctor worked with an assistant who assists when choosing the necessary colors and shades of the filling material, performs polishing, monitors the timely removal of liquid from the oral cavity. However, the presence of an assistant, as a rule, raises the price of treatment.

RULE 6. Leave immediately if you do not have trust in the doctor and it seems that he can do you harm. First, it is worth listening to your intuition. Secondly, with such prejudice, you may not even be satisfied with a good result – as a result, you will not spoil your nerves for yourself or for a doctor.

RULE 7. In dentistry there is practically no absolute indication for anything. Strive for an individual approach to you. Let the dentist Cleveland justify why he offers this type of treatment. But also be on your guard, if too many terms are used that are not explained, the novelty and unusual nature of any method is emphatically emphasized.

RULE 8. Pay attention to how and what teeth and root canals are filled with: the health and durability of the tooth largely depends on it. The seal should maximally restore the natural anatomy of the tooth. The channel must be fully sealed, and not one or two or three. This is checked by X-ray: the doctor is obliged to show you one or more X-rays taken during the treatment, and explain the picture so that you yourself see how well the canal is sealed.

RULE 9. It’s great if the tools are being processed before your eyes – this removes possible questions about sterility Cleveland.

RULE 10. Some clinics began to engage in arbitrary self-assignment of asterisks themselves, as hotels. Do not believe: the mass public campaign for certification did not start and nobody took any exams from private clinics.